Florescu Artemis-Camelia
Florescu Artemis-CameliaPresident of CIMSC 2017
Mail: [email protected]
Godeanu Robert-Cristian
Godeanu Robert-CristianVice President of CIMSC 2017
Mail: [email protected]
Manea Elena Victoria
Manea Elena VictoriaVice President of CIMSC 2017 and Scientific Programme of CIMSC 2017
Mail: [email protected]
Totoianu Alexandra Nicoleta
Totoianu Alexandra NicoletaGeneral Secretary of CIMSC 2017
Mail: [email protected]
Cîrstei Mihaela-Amalia
Cîrstei Mihaela-AmaliaCoordinator of the IT and Technical Department
Mail: [email protected]
Ududoi Teodora Maria
Ududoi Teodora MariaSocial department
Mail: [email protected]
Dinu Cătălina-Maria
Dinu Cătălina-MariaFundrising
[email protected]
Bigea Camelia-Cristiana
Bigea Camelia-CristianaFundraising
[email protected]
Podeanu Andreea Mihaela
Podeanu Andreea MihaelaLogistics
Mail: [email protected]
Staicu Georgiana-Adeline
Staicu Georgiana-AdelineVisa
Mail: [email protected]
Rukie Ana-Maria Ahmet
Rukie Ana-Maria AhmetVisa
Mail: [email protected]ahoo.com

And, of course, the rest of the team – tens of happy volunteers