ssmcCraiova Medical Students’ Society (SSMC) is a democratic, professional, non-political, non-governmental, nonprofit organization that operates both in the sense of promoting and defending the professional, social and cultural interests of the students at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova, and in favor of medical and cultural propaganda amongst the population.


  • facilitating access to information of general and professional interest for medical students
  • promoting medical education
  • promoting Romanian culture and tradition amongst the population
  • raising awareness amongst the people, with the aim of improving health
  • promoting and defending human rights
  • encouraging scientific research and professional training amongst medical students
  • defending intellectual rights of medical students
  • promoting physical and mental well-being amongst the population by means of promoting a healthy lifestyle
  • facilitating communication between medical students and the academic environment

What do we do throughout the year:

–  Organise a 4-day congress completely filled with workshops, keynote lectures, student presentations, lunches, dinners and parties;

–  Find opportunities for medical students and represent their rights;

–  Make promotional material and fix it to every detail;

–  Promote SSMC throughout the country and help society in any possible way with different events;

–  Get the right funding to make every aspect of SSMC achievable;

–   Look for new opportunities for the future of the SSMC;

SSMC Terms and Conditions

–   At CIMSC: We create the “SSMC atmosphere” with students from all around the world:

  • Presenting their research;
  • Exchanging ideas;
  • Meeting professionals;
  • Enjoying themselves.

Our organisation consists of 98 active medical students, five of which are in the executive board.