1. You can choose to participate in the Conference as an ACTIVE or a PASSIVE participant:

  • An active participant is an author or co-author of a scientific paper which will be presented at CIMSC, or a drawing contest participant.
  • passive participant can attend the presentation sessions, conferences and workshop without presenting any paper at CIMSC.

2. Creating an account on the website is mandatory. You can create an account and manage it following the next steps:

  1. Access the “Account” icon on the top right corner of the Home Page;
  2. Register now for CIMSC;
  3. Fill in all the mandatory fields and complete your registration. All your personal info will be present at Personal Details section, on the left side, in your account;
  4. Now that you are one of the users, you can manage to pay the fee for the package that suits you the best. You can do that by entering the Orders section, on the left side, in your account and click on “Go shop”;
    There you will find the 2 options (Active/passive participation). By clicking on the option you want, you go further and find the details of the option. If that is the option that suits you the best, go further with a click on “Choose this option”. Now you can finish your registration – choose one of the 3 payment methods, fill the Billing details and PLACE ORDER;
  5. You must finish and complete your Profile Details by uploading your paper(s) or drawing(s). At Info section from Home Page you will find the Guidelines for the composition of the abstract;
  6. Anytime you make changes to your account or upload documents, DO NOT FORGET TO SAVE CHANGES before you leave the page!
  7. The DEADLINE for creating an account, paying and submitting abstracts is the 31st of OCTOBER!