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Round Tables

As a foreigner student I was very impressed by CIMSC. They workshops were very practical and they had enough material so that every single person could practice by themselves with the help of the mentors if we needed. The people were really nice, they all welcomed me nicely and helped in everything that I needed.
The parties were incredible with great music and lots of different drinks in case you only like something in particular. This was a huge surprise that I would like to repeat on and on and on!

Cláudia Martins, Lisbon, Portugal

The days I spent in Craiova for CIMSC were wonderful. I had the opportunity to share my medicine knowledge with people from the whole world. Also, CIMSC staff has organized a cool party for us and it was awesome.
I was surprised by the attractions of the city; one of the biggest park in Europe! So enjoy the CIMSC experience and enlarge your medical edges!

Turi Bruno, Palermo, Italy

Was lucky to visit CIMSC and apart of the academical part and great workshops I really enjoyed the atmosphere and social program organized by the local student committee. Without any doubts will recommend it to all, who are searching for well-organized european student congress to participate!

Alice Trundaeva, Moscow, Russia

As a fellow medical student from Romania, I was excited to actively participate in CIMSC 2017. Not only did I get a chance to see my friends, but I also had a wondeful opportunity to expand my scientific horizons and meet new people. Besides the interesting, diverse and well organized scientific programme, I have to say that medical students from Craiova know how party! I’m looking forward to joining the Conference again next year.

Horea Chirila, Bucharest, Romania
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