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General information
1. The Last Name and First name must be written in this order (ex: Ionescu Ion).
2. In order to get a diploma you must attend either 3 lectures or 1 workshop and 2 lecture. It is valid for both, active and passive participants.
3. Participants who will not present their paper, will NOT receive a participation certificate!
4. The papers will be judged by committees composed of respected professors of the medical community in Craiova. The participants will be awarded prizes and diplomas.
5. The number of available places in workshops is LIMITED!

6. People who need a VISA or INVITATION LETTER, must send to the VISA DEPARTEMENT (see ”The Team” ) an evidence that they are students (proof of enrollment), passport number, nationality, full name, city, university. We will give an invitation letter only for participants who are students and are attending our conference.

7. Participants will receive a diploma for attending the workshops in 30 days via email (pdf format)

Authors, co-authors, coordinators, faculty
1. One author and maximum 4 co-authors.
2. Generally, the author elaborates and/or leads the study and is responsible to respond to comments and questions of the jury on behalf of the team.
3. Specify doctor/professor as coordinator. (the coordinator cannot be co-author)
4. Specify the academic center of origin.

1. Respects basic structure of the paper (Introduction, Material and methods, Results, Conclusions).
2. The abstract must be written in English.
3. The abstract must contain a maximum of 300 words, using Times New Roman font, size 12.
4. Abstract must not contain images, charts, graphs or tables.
5. Add a maximum of 5 keywords.

Oral presentation
1. Participants can present their scientific paper in the following sections:

•Public Health
• Fundamental sciences
• Surgery sciences
• Case reports
• Medical research
• Poster section
• Anatomical drawing contest
2. Total presentation time is 7 minutes: 5 minutes for the presentation itself and 2 minutes for questions.
3. The presentation should be one in Power Point or Prezi.
4. Poster section:
• All the information on the poster must be in English.
• Poster size should not surpass 60cm x 85 cm.
• Please do not use the slides of a powerpoint presentation as a poster; a poster is one continuous sheet.

Anatomical drawing contest
Drawing must respect following criterias:
• Size: minimum 21×29,7 cm (A4), maximum 50×70 cm (A2).
• Style: pencil/charcoal or in colour.
• Subject: anatomy study.
• Each participant can submit a maximum of 3 drawings.
• To submit your drawings you must photograph or scan each of your work and send them to cimsc2018@gmail.com
• Please mention in your e-mail the following: Name, Surname, University of origin, Faculty, Telephone number, Title of your drawings.
• As soon as we receive your e-mails, you will receive a confirmation e-mail in reply.