How do I pay?


You can pay either at our headquarters or you can pay directly in our account.

  • The schedule for payment:

For EARLY REGISTRATION: From 11th of September until 11th of October directly in our account.

For LATE REGISTRATION: From 12th of October until 31th of October directly in our account.

You can also pay personal at our headquarter (Medicina Noua, 5th floor, room 507) :

From Wednesday 4th of October until 11th of October (for EARLY) and from 12th October until 31 of October (for LATE). 

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday  : 12:00-14:00!

> You can pay in our bank account:

Beneficiary: Craiova Medical Students’ Society (Societatea Studentilor Medicinisti Craiova)

RON account: RO84BRDE170SV18508111700

EURO account: RO41BRDE170SV33955251700

* If you pay through our bank account please MENTION THE NAME OF THE PERSON THE PAYMENT IS FOR so that we can find him/her in our database(in the payment details/order).


Please respect the schedule for payment!

  • If you registered on EARLY REGISTRATION, but you pay later, the paymant will be as in LATE REGISTRATION!

If you have more than 1 presentation, you do not have to pay extra, the fee is the same.


Early Fees
Late Fees