Andrei Deaconu M.D. Ph.D. Fellow: Interventional Radiology

 Florescu Cristina M.D. Ph.D. Lecturer:

The heart truth – prevention is key

Alexandru Vlad Ciurea Prof. M.D. Ph.D. President of Romanian Society of Neurosurgery, member of the international magazine ‘s board ” World Neurosurgery”, Honorary Visiting Faculty, Department of Neurosurgery, Harvard Medical School:

The fascinating resemblance between human and dolphin neuroanatomy.

Human brain limits



 Horațiu Moisa Assistant Professor M.D. Ph.D.:

Michelangelo’s code

Intracranial AVMs: knowing which bomb to defuse

 Vladimir Jakovljevic Prof. M.D. Ph.D. : Oxidative stress and exercise: from basic science to clinical application

Vladimir Zivkovic Assistant Professor M.D. Ph.D. : The role of hydrogen sulfide in homocysteine-induced cardiodynamic effects and oxidative stress markers in the isolated rat heart

Adrian Saftoiu Prof. M.D. Ph.D. : State of the art imagistic tehnics in gastroeneterology

Cazacu Sergiu Lecturer M.D. Ph.D. : State of the art imagistic tehnics in gastroeneterology